Concussion Information


First if you think your son or daughter has sustained a concussion please follow these directions:

  1. Either call Corey at 303-552-8520 or call your physician and seek their advice
  2. If your son or daughter exhibits signs of any of these take them to the ER immediatly
    1. A Deep Throbbing Headache that is continually getting worse from time of injury
    2. Loss of Consciousness
    3. Difficulty seeing out of one eye or both eyes
    4. Unequal Pupil Size
    5. Numbness or Paralysis in arms or legs
    6. Severe Neck pain
    7. Throwing-up
    8. Speech Begins to Slur

If your athlete has sustained a concussion diagnosed by an Athletic Trainer or a physician make sure we follow these simple steps to help get our Athletes back to competition safely and quickly:

  1. Athlete must first see a physician before any steps to recovery can be made
    1. A doctors note must be given to the Athletic Trainer and School Nurse
  2. Notify the school: Attendence office, Nurse, and Athletic Trainer to make sure all steps are taken to help your student-athlete have a safe easy recovery
  3. The Athlete must check in with the Athletic Trainer everyday they attend school for progress of concussion.
  4. Remember absolutely no activity until cleared by athletic trainer This means NO:
    1. PE Class
    2. Riding your bike
    3. Practicing
    4. Lifting
  5. Athlete cannot return to play until these steps have been completed in this order:
    1. Note from doctor saying they are cleared start return to play exercises with the Athletic Trainer
    2. Passing all of their classes with not missing assignments
      1. Filled out and had teachers sign grade check then return to nurse or athletic trainer
      2. Arvada West HS Teacher concussion report
    3. Completed all 5 steps (24 hours in between each step) of return to play protocol with no returning symptoms.
      1. Light aerobic exercise (15-20 mins) (bike, walking…)
      2. More vigorous aerobic exercises (20 mins) (bike, LIGHT jog…)
      3. More difficult exercises (20-30 mins) (run 1 mile, push ups, ladder drills, sprints…)
      4. Return to NON-CONTACT activities at practice (no chance of getting hit by other player, ball, helmet, etc…)
      5. Full practice (no restrictions)
      6. Cleared to return to games/full practices on the 6th day
    4. Cleared by Athletic Trainer and Coach

Parents please remember if you have any questions or concerns you can always call or e-mail our Athletic Trainer Corey.

Student-Athletes with a Concussion: Things to help speed up your recovery so you can return to your sport and team sooner.

  1. Notify Corey and your coach everyday of how you’re doing. Be honest with them because they only want to help you.
  2. Drink ALOT of water, NOT Gatorade
    1. If you weigh 120 lbs should consume 70-90 oz of water a day, 2-3 gatorade water bottles
    2. If you weigh 180 lbs should consume 100-140 oz of water a day, Just about a full gallon jug of water
  3. Stay way from:
    1. video games,
    2. games on your phone,
    3. sugary foods and drinks,
    4. loud places like the movies,
  4. Helpful Tips:  
    1. Do homework in small increments of about 15 minutes then take a 15 minute break,
    2. Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen before school if you have a headache as long as Corey or the Doctor says its okay to start taking that
    3. Step out of classes that are starting to bother you and go sit in the nurses office
      1. class that will bother you are Computer class, foreign language, math…
    4. If you don’t have to take pain medication for your Headache don’t
    5. SLEEP a lot (this is the one time your brain gets to rest the most)
      1. If you’re having trouble sleeping talk to Corey or your doctor