NCAA Info and AW Signees

If you believe you can compete at the college level, there are several steps you must take prior to your senior year.

  1. Register on the NCAA Eligibility Center web site. Register, pay the fee, and send your high school transcript before you begin speaking with college coaches.  You should do this during your sophomore or junior year. This is a great site and it explains all about the recruiting process.
    Another great site is the NAIA site, which explains recruiting at non-NCAA schools. Many D3 and NAIA schools will give academic scholarships to athletes, particularly those from Lakewood because of our excellent academic reputation.
  2. Make sure you are taking the correct classes! Make an appointment with your Arvada West counselor as early as your freshman year to make sure you are taking classes accepted by NCAA. They have requirements not included in Jeffco’s graduation standards. We have found the NCAA is very particular about high school credits and will not extend scholarships if you don’t meet the criteria.
  3. Work with your coach. Your high school coach is available to write a letter of recommendation and accommodate a college coach wanting to observe you during practice or a game. However, it is not their job to find colleges or scholarships for athletes. Which brings us to the next point…
  4. Promote yourself. You will need to set up a web site with your stats, video of your plays, etc., and send inquiries to coaches.
  5. Apply to the colleges and send in your transcript. Don’t forget to actually apply to the colleges, as you need to be accepted for your academics first, then athletics. Talking only to the coach does not qualify as “applying.”


These students have committed to play their sport(s) at the collegiate level.  To see the list of students and where they have signed, click here