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Wildcats News · Feb 5 2018 AW Girls Tennis Program

Hi Ladies,The following information is about 2018 tennis tryouts and expectations. Please read all of the information so you are informed.

The girls tennis season is just around the corner. Tryouts start Monday February 26th at 3:15 at the Arvada West courts. The ATC is under construction so we will not be using it this season so we will be utilizing outlying courts ie. Majestic View and AW courts for practice and matches. On Monday you will need to let me know if you have transportation or will be needing it so it can be arranged. After Monday we will be using these other court sites for challenge matches and you will be told where to go after Monday as groups will be divided up.

Tryouts will be for 2 weeks including the first Saturday March 3rd all day and possibly March 10th if needed.   Please keep your schedule open on that day. Let me know if you are affected by the cheer/pom/decca trips or another school function that is occurring during tryouts so challenge matches can be planned accordingly.

We are doing some informal tennis practices now if we have clear courts and the weather is at least 50 degrees.  A text message will be sent out to let you know if we are having a practice at AW courts 3-430 so make sure I have your number so you can be informed.  

Tennis camp will start Monday Feb. 19th (President’s Day) at the AW courts at 1 pm til 3 and then run the rest of the week Tuesday – Friday 2/20-2/23 after school 3-5 pm and then Saturday 2/24 1-3 pm.   Cost is $10 per time.  If it snows I will try to secure indoor courts so we can get some hitting in.  That cost would be $20.  I will send out a reminder email to those who’s emails I have to find out who is planning on coming, so I can plan accordingly. Camp is not required but it is a good time to brush up on your strokes, get back in the grove and make sure you are familiar with match play as challenge matches start on Tuesday Feb. 27th and you need to be ready to go.  Please make sure I have you cell phone number and email address as this is how I will be communicating with you.  I will get parent’s info as well so they can be kept informed. 

In order to be able to tryout on Monday Feb. 26th you MUST have your paperwork turned in by Feb. 26th via online registration, which was to open Feb. 1st.  I believe registration is done on line at   If you have problems with it you can contact Ms. Bruna Lanaghan in the athletic office.  If you have done another sport in the fall this physical will just need to be uploaded in the online process.  Also pay the $175 sports fee.
I will get a roster of all who are signed up and have everything turned in prior to tryouts and only those will be able to tryout.

Please come prepared for tryouts with tennis shoes, comfortable athletic clothes, a water bottle and tennis racquet.  If you don’t have a racquet, I have ones you can borrow.  Please make sure to have sweats or warm clothes that you can put on as the temperatures vary and often drop by the end of practice and can be quite chilly.  If it is 40 degrees and above and the courts are dry we will be practicing so come prepared.

Practices are Monday – Friday 315-5 or 530.  If you have a conflict you need to let me know, but the expectation is that you will be at all practices for the whole time. 

Tryouts are based on a challenge match system. Tennis players will play a series of challenge matches versus other girls, either in doubles or singles format.

The outcome of those matches will form what we call a “ladder”. You can move up or down at any time depending on our challenge match results or attendance. The ladder is fluid until the coaches decide to set the teams. This usually happens after the 2nd week.

Coaches are expected to put the best TEAM on the court, so this means we may need to make decisions based on other variables such as compatibility, attitude, commitment and skill when determining who plays at which position or with a certain partner (in doubles).

Monday February 26th we will be warming up/reviewing of strokes, doing drills and games and be divided into groups for the following days. Tuesday 2/27 and every day that follows until the teams are formed, come to practice ready to play a match or two. Your attendance is crucial and communication is key. If you do not think you are going to be at a tryout day in the first 2 weeks… you MUST text Coach Crystal Messer no later than noon that day at 303-638-8131.

We will have 2 teams:

Varsity – 11 athletes (3 singles/4 doubles teams)

JV – the remaining athletes (all doubles teams)

Coaches reserve the right to change challenge match formats at any time if warranted. Top 6 will most likely challenge for singles and the rest will do rotating doubles matches to set the ladder, weather/time permitting. If you would like to challenge a player for a spot, talk to Coach Crystal and it will be looked into. Remember we only have 2 weeks before our matches start on Tuesday March 13th and Thursday March 15th with subsequent matches every Tuesday and Thursday through the season except Wed. April 18th which is our last match against Ralston Valley.  The regular season runs thru Sat. April  28th, with Regionals for Varsity May 2nd -4th and State if we qualify May 10th-12th.


Arvada West Girls’ Tennis Athlete/Parent/Coach Contract – Please read over this form .

(We will have a Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting on Tuesday March 6th at 6 pm in the senior lounge and cafeteria for girls at AW.)  All are expected to attend as we will cover costs, order uniforms, collect money for drinks/snacks for matches and the girls will be doing a phone fund raiser while I meet with the parents.  If you can’t attend please let me know as it is important that we are all on the same page.  Our uniforms consists of a white skirt, black skirt and an ordered purple skirt with tops.  Be looking for your own white and black skirts which can often be found at Target, Ross, big 5.  We also have all the girls buy a refillable King Soopers  gift card for $5 and then reload and use for gas and groceries.  The girls tennis team gets 5% of total spent to help with expenses like uniforms, banquet, court costs.  If you already have a card from last year please be using it or you will need to purchase another one.  I compare use to the monthly reports I receive from King Soopers.

The foundation of our program is based on the following cornerstones: Fair Play, Sportsmanship, Citizenship, Competitiveness, Academics, Leadership and Participation. It is the focus to these cornerstones that all of us work together to achieve success. Athletes and their parent/guardian are expected to follow these in order to be a member of the AWHS tennis team.

Athlete Expectations

Code of Conduct: Athletes are held to the Jefferson County Public Schools code of Conduct regulations, and those regulations extend to student athletes. Athletes and Parents are reminded that student athletes are on “contract” during the entire school year, on and off campus.

Citizenship: Athletes that receive a “citizenship” complaint will be required to write a statement of the behavior that precipitated the complaint from the staff member, get a signature from the aforementioned staff member agreeing to the behavior exhibited by the student, a signature from a parent therefore notifying the parent of the behavior of the student (and hopefully a parent phone call to the complaining teacher), and a return of the said document to a coach. Until the full process is completed, the athlete involved will not be allowed to participate in practice or matches.

Academics: Academic performance is the first priority for all players. Each player must meet the academic standards and eligibility requirements set by the school district. As an out of building coach I receive updates via email regarding academic standings. Two failing grades during any reporting period constitute ineligibility for the following week. Until at least one failing grade has been removed (if you have 2), with proof being brought to the coach by Monday afternoon on the orange progress report signed by the teacher that the grade is passing and the athlete will not be allowed to play that week, though attending practice is still expected.

Practice/Function Attendance: Athletes are expected to be at ALL practice sessions and team functions during the season. Athletes can be excused from practice or a team function if the absence is related to an academic field trip/meeting, AW extracurricular activity or if they are ill.  Homework does not fall into the excused absence category as all students have homework during the season. We feel that being a part of an athletic team helps student/athletes develop time management skills that will be valuable as they move on in life. We use the honor system when dealing with illnesses.  If athletes are going to be late to or miss a practice, they should notify the coaches as soon as possible. We understand there may be circumstances that are out of your control, however excessive and unexcused tardiness will result in the removal from a match or possible removal from the team.  An unexcused absence from practice will result in the athlete not being able to play in the next scheduled match. Three unexcused absences will result in removal from the team. We ask that parents avoid if possible, scheduling any appointments during practice or match days.

Match Attendance/Requirements: Athletes must attend 3 classes on the day of a match or they will not be allowed to play in the match that day. Athletes are also expected to remain at the match or tournament until the last team member has stepped off the court. Athletes must wear required uniform on match day and AW related gear over uniform if weather requires.

Sportsmanship: Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This includes racquet or ball abuse, profane language, trash talk and taunting, cheating, stalling, faking injury, pouting and insubordination to the coaching staff, umpires and other coaches, tournament directors and parents. If any of the above are observed, the athlete will receive a point penalty from the coaching staff. A second offense and an athlete will lose a game. If a third reprimand is required the athlete will be removed from the match and the match defaulted. We understand that matches/opponents/situation can sometimes be frustrating and we can be pushed to the limit. It is here that we ask each athlete to rise above the negative emotion, recognizing that we can only control our own actions and emotions, and do our best to maintain self control.

Communication: Athletes are expected to communicate with their coach in the event of any schedule change, absence or issue. Texting is the preferred method, but phone calls or emails are also welcome. There are 4 methods in which athletes can receive information on the day of the event. 1. Athletic office . 2. School/Team website. 3. Text from their team captain. 4. Text from the coach (then call or email). It is the athlete’s responsibility to let parents know of any changes to the practice or match schedule/locations ASAP. Parents may be coming from work, so respect their time/schedule and let them know as soon as possible should something change. A coach will try to send out a parent email if possible for any major changes.

Parent/Supporter Expectations:

Support: Parents are expected to support their athlete in a positive manner, being a role model of good sportsmanship and fair play. We ask that as soon as your athlete exits the court, be the one they can turn to for a high five or if needed a shoulder to lean on. Please allow the coaches to do the coaching and match analysis. After a loss, please give your athlete time to gather her emotions and wait for them to come to you for advice.

Sportsmanship: Parents are expected to abide by the classic tennis sportsmanship rules. These would include:

-Cheering/applauding only when your athlete hits a winner or plays a great point, not on mistakes by opponents.

-Congratulating your athletes opponent and parent(s) (win or lose) on a match well played.

– Not making exaggerated audible noises, negative body language, or any other reaction to a suspected poor call, opponent behavior, missed shot by your own athlete, or behavior by an opponent’s coach, parent or supporter.

If you witness poor sportsmanship from another team (including fans, parents, coaches) please let a coach know and we can address it. Parents of AW Tennis players are expected to conduct themselves to a standard of sportsmanship above that of our opponents in league, region and state. Parents or supporters can be removed from an event if necessary.

Respect: Parents are expected to treat the coaching staff, school administrative team, officials and tournament directors with respect. We ask that parents do not approach other coaches, directors or officials with concerns. Please let your respective coach know and we can address any concerns you may have.

Communication: Parents are expected to understand these policies and procedures are established to maintain an equitable experience for all who participate in the program. Please encourage your player to ask questions of the coach if there is a concern. This experience should help them grow as much off the court as on and the experience of addressing an issue directly with an adult will be a positive learning experience. We would prefer to hear from the athlete first before being contacted by a parent. However we do have an open communication policy, co if there is something you would like to discuss with a coach, fell free to email us. We ask that you do not address any issue before or during a match, as we will be focused on the match and cannot afford to miss any key coaching moments with the players.

Patience and Understanding: Parents are expected to understand that acts of nature (that of god and Human nature) play a role in practice and matches. Parents are expected to exercise patience in consideration with the weather, rescheduling of matches, dual match sites, the irresponsibility or disorganization of other programs and other issues outside of the coaching staff’s immediate control. We ask that you avoid scheduling events on open Saturdays or practice days, as we may need to make up matches on those open days.

Coaches Expectations

Priorities: Coaches are expected to emphasize academics, sportsmanship, competitiveness, citizenship, and ethics to athletes in the tennis program.

Communication: Coaches are expected to communicate clearly with parents and supports about policies, procedures, practice and match times and travel plans. Coaches are expected to communicate clearly with athletes about practices, matches, policies and procedures and expectations. Athletes may receive a text from a captain or a coach about changes to the schedule. Due to Colorado’s changing weather, we wait until about 2 pm most days to make the call on matches. If there is no practice outside, we will condition inside. Coaches will also have an open communication policy, in which an athlete can respectfully voice their opinion/thoughts on tennis matters.

Representation: Coaches are expected to represent their athletes/team in coaches meetings and seeding meetings.

Honesty: Coaches are expected to be honest with the athlete and parent in regards to the potential of the athlete.

Standards: Coaches are expected to lead by example in regards to sportsmanship, citizenship, leadership and ethics.

Well Being: Coaches are expected to make decisions in the best interest of their athletes well being, in regards to their safety, their health, their education and their development as well rounded, worldly individuals.

Schedule for season: Start time is 330 til finished usually by 6 pm.

Tuesday March 13th – AW Varsity vs Conifer at AW and Majestic view, JV TBD

Thursday March 15th – AW Varsity vs Standley Lake at Standley Lake, JV TBD

Tuesday March 20th – AW Varsity vs Golden at AW and Majestic view, JV at Johnson Courts in Golden

Thursday March 22nd – AW Varsity vs Pomona at AW and Majestic view, JV at Pomona

Spring Break 3/24 – Sunday 4/1, Practice resumes Monday April 2nd 3:15-530

Tuesday April 3rd – AW Varsity vs Lakewood at Morse Park (Lakewood) JV at AW

Thursday April 5th – AW Varsity vs Bear Creek at Bear Creek, JV at AW

Tuesday April 10th – AW Varsity vs Dakota Ridge at AW and Majestic view, JV at Dakota Ridge

Thursday April 12th – AW Varsity vs Chatfield at Arvada West and Majestic view, JV at Chatfield (Ken Caryl Ranch house)

Friday April 13th all day – AW Varsity tournament at Broomfield

Tuesday April 17th – AW Varsity vs Columbine at Marker park courts in Littleton, JV at AW

Wednesday April 18th – AW Varsity vs Ralston Valley at RV. JV at AW

Friday and Saturday April 20th and 21st all day – Varsity tournament at Littleton

Saturday April 28th – JV tournament all day at Silvercreek high school in Erie and surrounding schools.

Varsity Regionals most likely are Wed. May 2-4th – Check for AP testing dates and let me know early if you have them as you may need to reschedule.

Thursday – Saturday May 10th -12th – State Tournament if we qualify at Gates Tennis Center

Sorry for the long description but wanted you to have all the information.

Looking forward to a great season – GO Lady Wildcats!

If you have any questions please email Coach Crystal Messer @ or call/text @ 303-638-8131.