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Multiple Teams · SB: Teams to be announced Thursday! Practice info updated

Tryouts for our 2017 softball program have come to an end. We are all impressed with the overall talent level at our tryouts this week… It has made for some tough decisions for sure! The coaching staff met this evening to make some very difficult choices on where to place each athlete. As we explained to the student-athletes all week– our teams are not decided upon based on popularity, who knows who, what they did last season or if we like a kid or not… We didn’t base teams off one bad at bat today, or a dropped fly ball earlier this week. We take the entire week into perspective, as well as what our needs are at each level. While we know we can never make every girl in our program happy with our decisions, we hope that getting the opportunity to represent ANY A-West Softball team is taken seriously and with pride… regardless of what level you are on! With that being said, I want to remind everyone that Varsity roster positions are open to Freshman- Senior athletes. Junior Varsity roster positions are only open to Freshman- Juniors, we do not allow seniors to drop down to JV or 3rd Level. And then finally, our 3rd Level team is made up of Freshman and Sophomores only, who are not placed at the JV or Varsity level.. we do not drop Juniors or Seniors down to 3rd Level.

Teams will be posted at the softball field concession stand window (facing the field, right behind home plate) by 11:00am on Thursday morning- Aug 17th. With games coming up quickly, we WILL be jumping right into practices tomorrow afternoon! Please make note that the following information will be on the team announcement sheet as well, but practices for tomorrow are as follows:

VARSITY: Please meet at the A-West Softball Field. Practice starts at 3:30pm!
JUNIOR VARSITY: Please meet at Coach Mulvaney at YOUTH MEMORIAL COMPLEX- Field #1  (76th & Alkire). Practice starts at 4:00pm! You’ll need to go to the WEST parking lot (take the gravel road just north of the fields) to get into the complex on that side! Do NOT park at the elementary school, because the gates are locked on that side!
3RD LEVEL: Please meet Coach Sanville at the A-West Softball press box (right here) at 3:30pm for practice. We will be practicing at the AW baseball field/cage.
As a reminder– There is a mandatory Softball Parent Meeting this Friday evening, at 6:00pm in the A-West Auditorium. We will go over team rules, academics, fundraising, schedules, expectations, etc., so that everyone is on the same page. Please make sure at least one parent or guardian is at the meeting!
We are all very excited for this season and look forward to seeing our student-athletes excel on the field and in the classroom!
If you have any questions, please contact Coach Millikan: bmillikan09@gmail.com