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Football Parents,

First off, I want to say how excited I am for this upcoming season. During the offseason, the boys put in a lot of hard work in the weight room and I am proud of the culture they built.

I am reaching out to you today regarding the fundraiser held the past several years for our UNC Team Camp and other miscellaneous needs. It is called E-Team Sponsor, and this year’s directions and campaign information are at the bottom of this note. The cost of the UNC Team Camp is $200 per player and this fundraiser is simple and effective for helping everybody reach that goal. In addition, I want to point out that any additional funds raised above the $200 mark can be used for the $300 summer fee. So basically, if you raise $500.00, then your summer fees will be waived. This number is very achievable, but it still takes a little effort and follow-through to reach it. The deadline for the fundraiser to be completed is May 26. Any monies that are not raised will need to be paid on our first day of Summer Camp, May 31, to Cats Claw. We accept the following forms of payment: credit card, check/money order, and checks.

I also want to outline a few items for the summer camp fee and additional costs associated with participating in the Summer Football Program so that everyone understands the financial commitment it takes to run our Football program.

Summer Fee $300 includes:

  • *$20 Practice Gear
  • *$150  Performance Training (Weight Room, Speed Training)
  • *$50 Camp/Field Work/ 7-on-7
  • *$25 7-on-7 tournaments
  • *$30/per player UNC Skills Camp
  • *$25 Hog Olympics

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this email or the fundraiser.


Coach Pyatt

You are a participant for: Arvada West High School Football.

  1. Go to www.eTeamSponsor.com and login:
    • Email: barb@mceahern.com
    • Passcode: If you do not remember your password click here to reset your passcode
    • Create your new passcode
  2. Input 20 or more emails
    • Enter adults who know you or your family
  3. Text and share
    • Enter in your phone info and text your campaign to your contacts
    • Share on Facebook, Twitter or other Social Media

Thank you for your participating in our 2017 Arvada West HS Football Challenge!

Coaches Pyatt & Dunn Arvada West High School Football